hope deferred makes the heart sick

hope deferred makes the heart sick
With allusion to PROVERBS xiii., 12 (AV) Hope deferred maketh the heart sick; cf. c 1395 WYCLIF Bible (1850) Proverbs xiii. 13 Hope that is deferrid, tormenteth the soule; c 1527 J. RASTELL Calisto & Melebea A5v For long hope to the hart mych troble wyll do.

1557 R. EDGEWORTH Sermons 130v The hope that is deferred, prolonged, and put of, vexeth the minde.

1733 J. TALCOTT in Collections of Connecticut Hist. Society (1892) IV. 285 As hope deferred makes the heart sick: so I am in long expectation of your answers.

1889 GISSING Nether World II. vii. There was a heaviness at his heart. Perhaps it came only of hope deferred.

1981 Observer 26 Apr. 14 If hope deferred makes the heart sick, despair is a poor counsellor also.

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